Seasonal Yoga for Evolutionary Times

With Senior Teacher Yolande Hyde

Yoga woven with stories of the seasons, Taoism, poetry & light. 

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Welcome Friends,
I am so happy that you have found your way here.

Seasonal Yoga is a profound practice that reconnects us to stability, peace and trust by aligning us with cycles of nature. Its Taoist roots revive, uplift and transform us in the places where we have become separated from truth and empty of purpose. Fostering and reinforcing a profound connection to the wild world around us, inviting acceptance, peace and a higher perspective to challenging times.

I invite you to  dive in and explore through yoga asana, pranayama and deeply layered teachings, the poetry that is Yoga inside the Five Elements.

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Yoga and philosophy in the season of Spring and the Element of Wood.

In the Spring season, we focus on unwinding and untangling the sides of the body from the temples to the top of the feet. Spring seasonal yoga includes every thing we need to release  the tight aspects of the winter container; the shoulders, hips and inner things.

Seasonal yoga brings our focus to one of unravelling and expansion, seeking space into which we can lift and open with the sun. The Wood element serves our growth, evolution and change and holds the energy of the beginning point of all things.

Spring and the Wood Element are phases that are strongly aligned with Becoming. We liken this phase to the seed as it emerges into the suns warmth, the birth of a baby, and the emergence of tender green shoot on a woody branch. It is the strong pulse of life force that exists below all things until stirred by the light and drawn forward into being.

In this cycle we bring the dream states of Winter forward into form into the begining moments of the growing cycle that will reach its peak at the summer solstice in December.

Lengthening days draw us out into the sun, into friendship, community and love and the myriad of things that Spring feels an urgency to complete. There is so very much to plan and put in place at this time that we can easily become flustered, restless or agitated and aware of where we are holding back life.

The Liver and Gall Bladder channels are the work horses of the season in the body.  Liver, the architect or visionary, adjusting our orientation to our Soul blueprint, and his trusty companion, the Gall Bladder making the day to day decisions needed to keep us on track and living into our best version.

Seasonal Yoga leans into alignment with the seasonal, cosmic and personal cycles unfolding in our lives. It is a merger of the Five Element Theory, Taoist philosophy and Hatha Yoga that deepens the natural connection to the wild world around us that so many of us have lost touch with. As we understand and better accept our place in the scheme of the whole, we also develop a broader and higher view of life’s tides. This higher perspective is what helps us find and maintain the steadiness of the middle path and lean into the very best version of ourselves this lifetime.