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How To Book a Yoga Class (click to view)

Online, on demand and wild on country options
Just like at the hairdressers or a restaurant you need to book into each yoga class at least 15 minutes ahead of time. This is to ensure that classes are at a comfortable size and that students who are livestreaming the classes get the links for their practice with time to log in and join the class.

To do this from your computer

  • The timetable
    Navigate to the timetable below this box and find the day of the week and the class you wish to attend. You can view up and coming weeks by toggling the dates on the top LHS of the timetable. You can change the view of the timetable between daily, weekly and monthly on the top RHS of the timetable
  • Signing up 
    Click the “Book Now” button for the class you wish to attend. Should you wish to book more classes, select the date from the calendar and repeat the process. Next, you will be taken through to a summary page so you can confirm your classes. Check that you have booked the right day, time and place. Click ‘Next’
  • Log in / Sign up
    The next page will be your log in / sign up. This is where we verify its you so you can use your existing pass or membership, or its where you set up with us for the first time.
  • The next page will confirm your booking and give you the payment options and the cart.

Online clients will receive their class link via the email address associated with their account once on booking and again 10 minutes before class commences. Your link is also available when you log into your wellness Living account and navigate to ‘my schedule’.

You can also book your classes via our Achieve app. Download yours via your phone app store.

How to Cancel Your Yoga Class Bookings
• Ensure you are logged in to your account. Click My account button, log in.
• Select Schedule.
• Click Cancel next to the class you can no longer attend
• Then log out or press the X on the top right

Our Philosophy (click to view)

Seasonal Yoga is based on the theory of Yin Yang, the Five Elements and the I Ching as they underpin and explain the way energy moves between the polarities and extremes inherent in every aspect of life.

Yang represents high summer and the peak of the growing season, while Yin is the belly of winter and the phases of storage and rest. Summer energy falls into autumn, Winter energy rises into Spring. Each phase is unique unto itself bringing forward themes of creation and dissolve that move us along a unique evolutionary timeline.
Each season we explore the body according to the meridian channels, the psychology according to the elemental phase and our Spiritual journey according to the movements of the cosmos and the unseen realms.

Ultimately our work here bring us to a better understanding of the emotional and spiritual journey of our humanness. In this way Seasonal Yoga represents the complete work.


– All bookings close 15 minutes before class starts.
– All online links will be emailed, on booking and 10 minutes before class. Links are also available in your Wellness Living account.
– Please bring all your own props to any live class you are attending.
– To avoid being charged, attend to any cancellations no later than 4 hours before class.