Soul Growth Sessions

Private yoga for evolutionary times

A six week 1:1 yoga journey with a distinct difference

Life and times are changing faster than we have ever known and many of us have found ourselves in the front row seats.  This has meant navigating endings and uncertain beginnings, or feeling a deep call for change and redirection but struggling to uncover the pathway necessary, or the tools required.

Traditional methods no longer work beacuse the time has come for you step beyond them. 


In this 6 week program we will unpack your Soul Growth – your skills, talents and strengths, and the main themes relevant to life right now in a primary intuitive session.
We then pad out the details and discern what needs to be brought in, let go or redirected to fomulate a powerful plan moving forward that covers body,mind and Spirit it its arc.

The Soul Growth Sessions open you to the messages and insights of your Higher Self at this time and draw forward a very specific and activated yoga practice: Breathing practices, asana and meditations to support your work and evolution on the Soul Growth pathway.

Together we venture into the places in which you are compelled to grow, aligned with your purpose and on track with your Souls calling and your evolutionary blue print for this lifetime

This is six weeks that will change your life.

This is an invitation to step into new times.
An honest and fearless 6 week program that connects with your inner wisdom,
to grow strong and to initiate more of who you have come here to be.

Each week you will receive …..


  • Weekly private session (in person or online)
    Working with Spirit means that  each session brings different messages.
    You bring your questions and your dreams while we conect directly with your HIgher Self to narrow down the working themes. Then, just like divining for water, I use a pendulum to draw out the yoga techniques and relevant supporting information most needed for you to harness your path at this time. Like sifting and sorting, we practice, refine and repeat.
  • Unlimited Live online, on demand yoga & breathwork classes and Yoga on Country practices.
    Tune into as many as five live classes a week as well as unlimited access to our vast Seasonal Yoga on demand library.
  • Receive unlimited support in your activated and intuited yoga and meditation home practice program
This 6 week program offers accessible practices that are open to anyone in any stage of growth or life ready to excavate and re orientate into new times. If this message and these practices call to you I would like to invite you on a journey – One that honors where you are at, leans into the value and deeper meaning of the lessons appearing in your life right now, and opens you to the call of your own deep and changing places. Here we re-dream, return to our natural slate and reconnect with a greater life.



Yolande has an extraordinary ability to open up conversations and ask questions that shine light on exactly what is needed in the moment.  Guide, navigator, fellow explorer she brings out the insights that open possibility, assist with discernment and leave you in a calmer, clearer state to make empowered life choices. Yolande’s intelligence, humour and array of skills are brought lovingly and powerfully in service to the best in us.  Highly recommended.  – SP Avalon

“ I know it shouldn’t be the last stop but when I just can’t see the woods for the trees, I head for the clearheaded capacity of Yolande Hyde to make sense when I thought there was none. She has an uncanny ability using the profound combination of IChing and pendulum to help me understand I’m standing right on the path . It’s as if a lantern has been lifted to guide me on the way .” CP Kirrabilli

Soul Growth Sessions


  • Limited 6 week program
  • Weekly 60 minute private session – in person or online
  • Full access to all livestream classes and in studio classes
  • Unlimited access to our full on demand library
  • Automatic direct debit

Soul Growth Single Session


  • In person or online 60 minute session

Membership Terms and Conditions

1. Suspensions/cancellations: You must email Yoga & Health Collective to request any suspensions or cancellation. Minimum suspension is 2 weeks and 72 hours’ notice is required prior to the suspension effective date. There are no backdated or historical suspensions allowed

2. Please note that we do not allow suspended memberships to be cancelled. Your membership must be active for one month prior to cancellation.

3. This contract is for a minimum of 1 month (4 direct debit payments), not including suspension periods.

4. Early cancellation will result in the client incurring a $150 cancellation fee.

5. After the initial one month commitment the debits will continue as usual unless Yoga & Health Collective is advised in writing (email will suffice) 15 days prior to the contract termination date as per fortnightly billing cycle.

6. For change of account details please notify us in writing and submit a change of details form for processing.

7. Any and all arrears payments are the responsibility of the client and must be paid in full.

8. Each transaction debited from a bank, building society or credit union or credit card account will incur a $2.50 transaction fee in addition to the membership price.

9. Please note that for credit card payments, ‘EziDebit YogaKat Pty Ltd’ will appear on your credit card statement as the payment reference.

10. Declined or dishonoured payments will incur a one-time fee of $9.90 charged 7 days after the failed transaction.

11. If you have pre-booked a class and are unable to attend please make sure you cancel up to 4 hours before the scheduled class.
Click Here to find your booked classes under “My Schedule”.  Less than 4 hours, we will register you as a no-show and you will still be charged for this class

12. All online bookings must still register with the front desk on arrival for face to face classes.

13. Please note that you can not use your yoga pass to attend Workshops or Term Courses. You can attend any of the Beginners Yoga classes