Summer Fire Element Yoga Intensive 

With: Yolande Hyde
When: January 10 – 16 
             6:00 – 7:30 am daily practice 
Investment: $202 Instudio | $155 live online
Where: Warriewood Surf Club. Narabeen Park Parade, Warriewood Beach 

Five Element Theory Course
Join me for an offering of yoga for the Fire element and the season of summer.

Live instudio and live online options

This 7 day intensive will hold daily practices of pranayama, asana and meditation based around the Chinese Element of Fire, the season of Summer and the forces of transformation that result as fire burns wood to ash.

We know we are in the process of deep and permanent change, both in the personal arena, and in the way we live and language globally. Its palpable and its happening.
The benevolent element of FIRE comes as both teacher and rescuer in the heat of the sun and the height of the Yang principal. Affirming the grieving of the loss of the old ways that once described us, while driving its standard into the brightness and radiance of our natural state, and all we might become once it has finished its work.

This is the potency and prophecy of the Phoenix that courts visions of the future and invites them to grow in the cradle of the losses suffered. This is how grief turns to love in the very special domain of the element of FIRE.

From the swirling firestorm of change and transformation around us, there is no better time to come to right relationship with this most tansformative element and this most potential filled time.