Five Element Theory Lecture Series

With: Yolande Hyde
When: Self paced course 
Investment: $97
Where: Prerecorded lectures 

Five Element Theory Course

Explore the classic 5 Element theory in 3 deep and meaningful parts.

– The physcal body | The channels, Elemental energies and Seasons as they occur in the seen world.
– The Emotional Body | The psychology of the Five Elements as they relate to the personal evolutionary processes in ourselves and in others. These are the less tangible aspects of the theory.
– The Cosmic Field | The Spirits of the Elements as a link to the Divine, the cosmology and planetary associations and the more far reaching energetics of the Elements including the Bagua and the I Ching.


  • Six lectures with over 9 hours of video content
  • Two lectures are delivered each week over three weeks.
  • Comprehensive handouts and reference sheets accompany each lecture.

Through our 2020 we realised the answer to a meaningful life was not found in distancing ourselves from nature, but in a full scale return to it.

The calling for this collective reset has been strong, and this course is one way to access that point of return.

This is your opportunity to study a nature-based theory that has remained unchanged and unchallenged for thousands of years. I invite you to lean into the teachings and language of the ancient Taoists and the Five Element Theory. An incredibly practical, simple, and yet profound system that infuses balance and harmony into everyday life.