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Yolande Hyde

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I have had a long and winding journey with yoga that really began in the early 70s when I discovered BKS Iyengar’s Light on Yoga among my fathers books. I remember not being able to read a single word, instead captivated by the black and white images of Guruji as he moved among the postures. As fate would have it, some 15 years later, it was this exact style of practice, and these profound teachings that would inspire and guide my life and its work.

I have been blessed to be able to sit at the feet of many great teachers in my life. I have travelled and studied, I have read countless books, sat for innumerable hours in meditation and pranayama, and worn through many a yoga mat on the quest – and still there is so much more.  I think will need many more lifetimes to truly complete the work.

Discovering The Five element Theory, The I Ching, Taoist philosophy and later ascension work have all been pivitol to my life experience and to the syle in which I teach. Together they give me a rich and evolving framework through which to tell the story of yoga as I see it. I offer practices that are experiential, woven with story and metaphor, and aligned with the cosmic and seasonal currents as I see them. In this way the student can fall, even if only for a moment, into exact sequence with themselves; their energy bodies or Spirit forms coming into resonance with the seasons, the tides, the sun, moon, and the pull and drag of space all around us.

I see yoga as a practice that uses the physical body and the breath as gateway to God / Guru / Spirit and all that we are capable of evolving within this lifetime. The current times we find ourselves in are a critical meeting point of old and new and within them  yoga is a powerful alchemic tool. Its a form of fitness and physical exercise that rewires the DNA. I believe it to be the critical grounding signature most needed as our planet undergoes a period of shift and instability.

I believe that when we open to yoga fully we rewrite what we are capable of, we increase our connection to the innate within us and so find ourselves travelling along the pathways of our unique soul blueprint. Living aligned to who we are and contributing to the goodness of the whole, in our many and varied ways. This is what a healthy community looks like and this is what I try to bring forward wherever yoga takes me.

I am an eternal student moving along the path beside you, discovering what might be blocking my path and looking to find the benevolence and higher eye that might return that flow – under, around, over or through so I can continue to love who I was yesterday and improve beyond that tomorrow.

Words, images and self inquiry based on the I Ching and Taoist nature based philosophies are rich themes still as relevant today as they were 3000 years ago. My method combines these ideas with breathwork, poetry, asana and free movement to educate, inspire, reconnect and rework.

It is my wish that we all become awake and aware of our interconnectedness, both human and divine. Becoming alive in such a way that we might live a life of meaning and purpose that brings benefit to ourselves, our families and the world around us.

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Yolande’s “Yoga for Your Ears” podcasts can be found at https://soundcloud.com/yolandehyde

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